Monitoring & Analytics

Modern attacks can be difficult to detect, if you dont know where to look.

Threats are evolving all the time. Some are easier to detect, others aren't.

Accumuli is a leading specialist in the design, implementation and operation of security monitoring and analytics solutions and we are proud of our track record in successfully delivering solutions to organisations of every size and in every market, spanning large complex environments such as central and local Government departments and global banks.

A number of factors need to be taken into account when building a security monitoring and analytics solution.  Things like Extraction, Storage, Analysis and Response all need to be considered to deliver a scalable and efficient platform.  Data Enrichment can further increase visibility and accurate detection.

Our architects and consultants are ready to guide you through the answers to all of these questions and help you avoid costly mistakes using our proven EDGE methodology. EDGE (Engage, Define, Generate and Enhance) has been used across numerous customer installations to help develop a roadmap for monitoring and use case evolution.

monitoring and analytics


SIEM Alliance Member   Accumuli is a founder member of The SIEM Alliance. The SIEM Alliance represents the worlds largest grouping of customer facing, expert SIEM consultants consisting of independent and geographically diverse companies, each of which is judged by their fellow Alliance members to possess a similar level of competence and focus on SIEM delivery & customer satisfaction.

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