Defence in Depth

80% of Security Breaches can be prevented with basic risk management by building a multi-layered architecture

The UK Government's technical authority for Information Assurance, CESG (the information security arm of GCHQ) published advice targeting the most senior levels in the UK businesses, providing guidance on how to protect their most valuable assets. At Accumuli we too focus on these critical areas of information security, providing solutions and services to help protect your business.

Where technical controls can be applied in each area we assess the market and work with leading vendors for our customers to identify strong mitigation solutions. This enables us to deal with the 80% and allow you to focus on the remaining 20%.

Accumuli Security has created a multi-layered multi vendor architecture that can provide protection to both external and internal threats. Each technology within the architecture has been selected for its unique ability to complement the model that was extensively investigated by the CESG working group. Accumuli Security have product specialists whose focus is to understand exactly where these technologies fit and ensure that they are deployed in an optimum configuration to maximise the benefit. Being an Accredited partner to each technology ensures Accumuli Security are recognised as experts on each element of the solution.

Defence in Depth Framework

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