Core Network Service Vendors

In 2009, Gartner recognised the importance of core network services, such as DNS, DHCP and IPAM, by publishing it's first MarketScope report on the subject, and subsequently promoting the term "DDI" (DNS, DHCP & IPAM) to represent this technology sector.

Gartner identified Accumuli Security as one of the key players in the market for managed DDI services and we have continued to be recognised in subsequent MarketScope updates.


The Domain Name System (DNS) is a core network service that is pervasive within all corporate networks. Microsoft Active Directory relies upon it and so do many other services and applications, from file & print, email and web browsing through to corporate wide SAP/ERP/CRM systems. DNS essentially provides a function similar to a telephone directory, whereby a host or service name is converted into an IP address. This allows humans, systems and applications to refer to other systems via a memorable name (e.g. notes-server1) rather than a numeric IP address (e.g.


The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is used to dynamically assign IP addresses to devices, removing the need for manual configuration of the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS servers and various other configuration parameters.


IP Address Management (IPAM) can take various forms, from a simple spreadsheet, to a home grown application or an off the shelf system from a manufacturer such as Alcatel-Lucent or Infoblox.


In addition to these traditional Core Network Services, organisatons now also recognise the need to protect services that use digital certificates to authenticate a solution. Public Key management enables organisations to rapidly develop an accurate digital certificate inventory and identify security and operational risks. Additionally, organisations can quickly evaluate their compliance with corporate and regulatory policies and establish a concise methodology to ensure compliance. With built-in management and policy best practices.

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