About Accumuli Security

Accumuli is a leading, rapidly growing, UK based independent specialist in IT security and risk management. We provide industry leading solutions and services underpinned by rare skills and capabilities. Our objective is to enable organisations to manage the ever increasing IT risk landscape and leverage their IT assets for business value.

Managing risk created from significant IT Trends (such as cybercrime, consumerisation of IT, Big Data) or business objectives (such as saving money or doing more with less) is the perennial balancing act for any IT department. The ideal outcome is to have an IT infrastructure that is available, performing and visible whilst always being compliant, resourced and secure.

The Accumuli approach is to assist our customers in identifying both the risk and potential of their IT infrastructure and address any gaps with leading solutions and expert services. Accumuli has a culture that is focused entirely on helping our customers and working as one team to deliver tangible results – we can help with a very specific need or a holistic end-to-end solution.

Accumuli is a public company quoted on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange with offices in Basingstoke, Cambridge, Leeds, London and Glasgow. Accumuli’s global customer base consists of companies of all sizes across an expanding range of industry sectors including financial services, utilities, telecommunications, manufacturing and government.

Accumuli Security
Managing IT Risk | Leveraging IT Assets

Accumuli Portfolio

Mitigating security issues can be a complex task. Working with the right partner needn’t be. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and on delivering impactful solutions. Our portfolio is clear, scalable and built to provide the right level of help that you need. We can supply on-premise or totally manage, we can design bespoke or integrate existing, we can teach you how or fill your skill gap. We have over 700 customers who trust Accumuli.

ISO/IEC 27001 Certified

ISO27001 certification
          ISO/IEC 27001 represents a significant investment in process and control of information security, ensuring accountability and auditability in the management of risk, threat, vulnerability and impact. Where many security companies talk ISO/IEC 27001, Accumuli has this vital certification built deep in its fabric.


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