About Accumuli Security

Accumuli Security is dedicated to providing technology solutions and services which enable businesses to focus on what they do best without the fear of an IT security breach or incident. Not only do we have the right technological solutions, but we are expert at deploying rapidly and managing efficiently.

Accumuli Security has a unique proposition in offering a blend of vendor technologies selected for their market-leading capabilities, along with the design, implementation and support infrastructure that you would expect. Added are a series of professional services to help you optimise and a suite of managed services to take away the pain of operation and reporting. But that is not enough for many of today’s progressive businesses. They need to know how they are being targeted, by whom, when and how to act. Accumuli has deep SIEM implementation and consulting expertise coupled with industry leading operational and security analytics capability. Through acquisition of EdgeSeven, Europe’s leading SIEM recommendation and implementation consultancy, and EQALIS, the leading analytics and big-data implementation and training partner, Accumuli brings together proven expertise that is genuinely unmatched. Ours are frequently the consultants called in when others have failed.

Accumuli’s portfolio enables businesses to:

- Secure IT infrastructure against the ever-increasing threat landscape
- Remove complexity of security management
- Provide real time security intelligence
- Reduce total cost of implementation
- Reduce cost of on-going management

With independent research conducted by the Ponemon Institute finding that the average cost of a UK breach was £2.99 million in 2012/13, let Accumuli give you the protection and remediation that you need.

Accumuli Portfolio

Mitigating security issues can be a complex task. Working with the right partner needn’t be. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and on delivering impactful solutions. Our portfolio is clear, scalable and built to provide the right level of help that you need. We can supply on-premise or totally manage, we can design bespoke or integrate existing, we can teach you how or fill your skill gap. We have over 700 customers who trust Accumuli.

ISO/IEC 27001 Certified

ISO27001 certification
          ISO/IEC 27001 represents a significant investment in process and control of information security, ensuring accountability and auditability in the management of risk, threat, vulnerability and impact. Where many security companies talk ISO/IEC 27001, Accumuli has this vital certification built deep in its fabric.


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